About American Property Relief

About American Property Relief

American Property Relief is a real estate solutions and investment company that specializes in helping home owners get rid of properties that are causing a burden. We are different because we don’t just throw a number out and walk away. In contrast, we want to make this a easy and positive experience while walking with you the entire way.

We are going to make sure that we get you the quickest cash payment for your home. In addition, we are dedicated to paying all closing cost. Also, we want to empower you with the tools to rebuild and repair if needed. At the end of the process we send you on a Vacation of your choice. That allows you to let go of the stress that’s been building while dealing with that headache of a property.


Our main mission is to allow our client’s to experience the 3 R’s:

Relief – Relieve the homeowner of the stress the property is causing.
Rebuild – If needed we will provide resources and assistance in getting you back on your feet as well as information if you would like to some day become an investor.
Relaxation – You no longer have to worry about that burden affecting your credit and being able to make your mortgage payment.


Something that we’re passionate about at American Property Relief is helping other entrepreneurs get started in Real Estate. Many think it’s impossible or that you need to win the lottery to get started. That is not the case. If you are interested in getting started, or would like help expanding please reach out to us today.

Additionally, American Property Relief also partners with a vast network of individuals providing services geared around Business and the Real Estate Industry. Visit our Tools and Resources Page for free information on how to start or boost your Real Estate Company. If you are interested in partnering with American Property Relief visit our Partner page for more information.

About American Property Relief
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