Basic Business Perception

Your Basic Business Perception is the way your business comes off to customers and other businesses. Unfortunately there are a lot of companies operating today that don’t have a company email address or a dedicated phone line and we’d like to help put an end to that. We have provided some basic information below in hopes that it will help entrepreneurs visibility in the industry they operate in. We have a lot more useful information on our Tools & Resources page.

With G-Suite you can’t beat the pricing of having your own dedicated email address matching your company name. Get a 14 day Free Trial while it last.

For 20% off Use Code 9C3LHCVDLLT3J4D for Basic or 69RDGQJWX73N4MD for Business

A user friendly easy to read website. WordPress allows you to create a basic website for free. It also has a ton more features if you would like to upgrade to one of their paid plans.


A dedicated phone line. One of the strongest services around is Freedom Voice. They are a 20 year industry leader for providing phone numbers. They provide a 30-Day free trial and their prices start at $9.99 a month.

Please help your Basic Business Perception by having at minimum, the information above. Let us know if this was helpful and feel free to share this page with your associates or on Facebook.

Basic Business Perception
Updated November 2019

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