Credit Repair for Real Estate

How it works?

Are you ready for to get Credit Repair for Real Estate? We have partnered with N.A. Financial Solutions for all your credit repair needs. Their unique dispute methods are a combination of factual and compliance. While most companies practice basic disputing, they offer an extra layer of work ethic to provide a premium disputing service to get you better results. They update files every 35-37 days with new clients being processed within 24-72 hours.

Letters are sent out on your behalf every month to the credit bureaus and this is considered a “Round”.

What get’s Removed?

  • ALL qualifying negative accounts
  • Includes personal bad identifiers (PBI), and personalized challenges to the 3 main credit bureaus.
  • Late payments and inquires included.
  • Third-party Collections* as needed
  • Original Creditors* as needed
  • Chex Systems


It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg to get your credit back in order. We offer a simple low cost solution at $52 a month per Round. You could start seeing results in as little as 35 days.

Prepare to get your Home!

Items Needed

  1. Copy of your most recent Credit Reports – Use our 1 week $1 Trial here.
  2. Copy of your ID.
  3. The last 4 of Social.
  4. Copy of proof of Address (Utility Bill) or Paystub, Bank Statement, Social Security, W2.
  5. Email items to credit@americanpropertyrelief.com

We look for to helping you out with your credit repair for real estate journey. We also have Rent To Own Homes! Learn more about us and what we aim to do on Facebook.