Credit Repair for Real Estate


Get your credit ready for a home

The plan is to get you ready for your new home through a proven Credit Repair process. With our Credit Repair for Real Estate program, we are currently offering to pay for your first 30 days of Credit Repair for a limited number of individuals. Spots will fill up quick, claim your free 30 days today and change your life.

Why bother?

  • 1 in 4 chance there are errors to be removed
  • Refinance current loans for a lower interest rate
  • Qualify for higher limit Credit Cards
  • No being disqualified for employment
  • Our Favorite – Qualify for a MORTGAGE.

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Change your life

People with excellent credit get the best interest rates. That means a lower payment for a vehicle, a mortgage and personal loan.

Typical Credit Repair Increases

Don’t wait to see these types of increases each month.

Special Deals and Tips

Here’s some info and some last minute exclusives just for you!

Rebuilding Credit?

Need a credit card? Pay yourself monthly to help payment history and build limit on a Credit Card

Need your real Credit Score?

Identity IQ is offering a 7 day free Trial

Report Rent payments monthly

Pay a low fee to report your payments to the credit bureau

You’re in good hands with this service. The time to get started doing Credit Repair for Real Estate is today. For updates and more information please follow us on Facebook or visit our About page.