Free Business Credit Information

Free Business Credit Information

What’s this all about?

Ready for Free Business Credit Information? This can be used by any entrepreneur for any type of business but we choose to use it to purchase cash flowing real estate. As a business owner everyone has expenses. Imagine being able to wipe out a mortgage payment and get income for the building that your company owns. This is a model almost any company with a physical location can use!

Why Free Business Credit?

So what’s the catch? There is no catch! Business Credit is separate from your personal credit allowing a separation from you and your business. Taking this route provides the best option for helping your monthly cash flow. In 6 months from starting a business you can receive retail credit with Amazon and Sam’s, to gas cards to unsecured lines of credit.

Popular Industries for Business Credit

Some of the most popular industries for building Business Credit include but are not limited to:

  • E-commerce – Clothing/Mask stores, Shopify Stores, Amazon Stores
  • Hospitality – AirBnb, VRBO, HomeAway
  • Real Estate (Our Favorite) – purchasing, rehabbing, investing
  • Trucking – Over the road trucking financing for trucks and gas
  • Finance – The finance industry is big on building their profile
  • Food Delivery – Uber Eats, Uber, Vehicle for transportation, Door Dash, Grub Hub
  • Energy Conservation – Companies investing in Solar and Wind energy
  • Healthcare – Client transportation, housing for seniors
  • Entertainment Technology (Apps, Gaming, Streaming) – Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ all examples of apps that could be developed
  • Commercial Construction – Facilitating the construction of property for your company, building an apartment complex
  • Cannabis – CBD, Medical Marijuana is booming and the push for it to become legal is growing nationwide.

We’re dying to help as many people as possible learn this information. Register for your Free Business Credit Information! This is the start of something that can change your life. Please enter your info below to receive the starter guide and more specific info.

Welcome to the team. We can’t wait until you’re on your journey and we hope that we can work together in the future. We also have a full blown Facebook group dedicated to individuals building business credit for Real Estate. If you’re interested find us on Facebook below or search our group; Business Credit for Real Estate.

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