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We have Rent To Own properties.
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Foreclosure Properties

Loans for First-Time Homebuyers

  • The Federal Housing Administration (FHA), part of HUD, insures mortgages, making it easier for potential homeowners to afford loans. FHA also offers HUD homes for sale.

Homeownership Vouchers

  • The program provides public housing residents and other low-income families that are first-time homebuyers with subsidies to use toward buying a home.

Indian Home Loan Guarantee Program

Programs for Service Members and Veterans

Programs for Rural Residents

State Programs

  • There’s specific information about special programs administered by your state and properties available in your area.
  • HUD funds approved housing counseling agencies throughout the country. They can provide advice on many housing-related topics, including buying a home.

FHA Loans and HUD Homes

  • If you’re a homebuyer, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has two programs that may help make the process more affordable.

FHA Loans 

  • The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) manages the FHA loans program. This may be a good mortgage choice if you’re a first-time buyer because the requirements are not as strict as other loans. 
Real Estate Business Credit
American Property Relief helps you build Real Estate Business Credit

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