Real Estate Business Credit

Getting Started with
Real Estate Business Credit

When building Real Estate Business Credit there are several elements that are key to succeed. We have created a “Foundation Checklist” to ensure you’re on the right track. Download for Free!

The Process

  1. Go Through the Foundation Checklist
  2. Establish Business Credit Reports
  3. Get Initial Business Credit
  4. Get Revolving Credit
Real Estate Business Credit


In the beginning parts of the process you will need to set up your Business in the correct manner. This includes getting a certain type of address, a website, a business email address etc.

Business Credit Reports

This part of the process consist of setting up and activating your credit profiles with Dun & Bradstreet, Experian, and Equifax Commercial, as well as getting your free D-U-N-S number with D&B.

Real Estate Business Credit

Initial Business Credit

Getting approved for initial business credit when you have none reporting now, is where most business owners fail building business credit. This is because over 97% of trade vendors don’t report to the business credit reporting agencies.

Revolving Credit

Once your Initial Business Credit is established, you’ll start to get access to high-limit revolving credit cards in your Business’s name that are linked to your EIN number, not your SSN.

The Software Shortcut

Over 40,000 Businesses Served! This program allows you to get Business Capital by Improving Your Fundability, Building Business Credit, and Accessing Loans and Credit Lines. It will literally break down the process Step By Step and take ALL the guessing work out of it.

The Numbers


There are about 540,000 plus Businesses started each month.

Yahoo Small Business


The amount of businesses that fail in the FIRST year due to cash flow.



Credit limits on business credit cards are usually 10 times higher than personal credit cards.


Need More Questions Answered?

Why not set up a free consultation call to find out where you stand in the process?

You pick the time and the date you’re available so there is no inconvenience and together we can walk through and find out what Credit is available to you immediately and what will be available within 3 to 6 months.


The software platform explained helps users acquire Real Estate Business Credit and Business Credit of all types.

We strive to help Real Estate Wholesalers go from just wholesaling property to owning them.

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